About this blog

This is a personal blog, everything here is either in Cornish or about Cornish, sometimes both and occasionally neither. A bit vague? Have a look at the first post.

About me

My name is Duncan and I grew up in Penwith, in the far west of Cornwall. I started teaching myself Cornish in my teens. I now live in Cardiff with my partner who also speaks Cornish. There are a few other Cornish speakers in the Cardiff area, some of whom I see regularly. We also have a monthly Yeth an Werin (see here for details). So even though I’m not in Cornwall, I’m lucky enough to be able to spend a good part of my time speaking Cornish.

Once or twice a month I can be heard reading the news on BBC Radio Cornwall’s An Nowodhow, as part of the team that writes and presents the programme. When I’m not doing Cornish related things I’m either doing a bit of arty/graphic design stuff, playing (or at least learning to play) the piano, and being a housewife.

A note on spelling

The Cornish used in this blog is written in Standard Written Form (SWF) orthography, unless otherwise indicated. I’m using so called ‘main’ graphs (ie k, kw, hw etc.), with occasional exceptions (I can’t bring myself to write ks for x, so I allow myself that tiny rebellion).  My grammar and vocabulary is generally Middle Cornish, reflecting the Unified and Kemmyn I learnt, but there’s also hint of Late Cornish here and there. My pre-occlusion is pretty random.

Technical stuff

The site is built with WordPress. The theme is ‘Tracks‘ by Complete Themes, with my own CSS customizations. The Cornish translations were made by editing .po/.mo files using Poedit. The site uses the Polylang plugin for the language switchability. At some point I will put together a page with more detailed information on how I put it together. In the meantime, if you’re interested or want some tips, do get in touch.