I very occasionally write poetry, and nearly always just for fun. The other day I was talking to a friend who writes poetry seriously so I had a rummage around to find my own efforts.

Given that it’s been [cough] a little time since my last post, this one, which (I think) is about writer’s block, seemed an apt choice to share to get the ball rolling again. The translation is underneath.


Ow lappya ow diwveus – prederav!
Parys dhe skrifa, parys dhe leski,
Pluven y’m dorn,
Pythyon war voos,
Oll restrys, kettuel,
Pandr’ello kabm?

Ow talleth dhe skrifa
Ow brys-vy a deudh
An geryow ma yw preves!
Pythyonennow a godh
War-leur; war an delyow
Preves-del; y’m brys leyth

Preves da!


Licking my lips, – yes, I’m thinking!
Ready to write, ready to burn
Pen in hand
Paper on the table
All tidy, lined up
What can go wrong?

Starting to write
My brain melts
These words are worms!
Sheets of paper fall
to the floor; on these leaves,
Caterpillars; in my soggy mind

Lovely worms!

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